Help for Tilly – Itchy Scratchy Springador!

Skin problems are common in all dogs and can increase during the summer months. Look for symptoms of excessive licking,  itching and nibbling. Check their skin and coat regularly for scurfy dry skin, inflamed red areas, hair loss or blistered broken skin. We were contacted at the beginning of July by Matt and Amanda about their [...]

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Want to Train Your Puppy Quickly?

Want to train your puppy or dog quickly? Then go slowly  & keep a smile on your face! When we were starting out with Willow we always tried to create a training environment that was safe, happy and relaxed. We found that our garden or a room at home was much more effective than the park [...]

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Let the Adventure Begin …………..

And in the beginning was a puppy.......... A puppy named Willow. A small handful of black fluff to start with but as the weeks went by she grew into a bundle of endless energy. And with that energy came a cute, curious and incredibly mischievous mutt. There were times when it was challenging and we maybe thought [...]

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