All dogs love to chew and this starts at an early age when puppies are teething. Puppies will pick things up in their mouths and bite and chew them as a way of trying to make sense of the world around them. As they get older chewing is a way to relieve boredom and stress. The challenge for all dog owners is helping them to understand what is acceptable to chew.

We aim to provide a range of items which you can pick and choose from to give your dog’s enough variety and taste to prevent boredom. The products range from toys which your dogs will love to chew, some are flavoured already and some can be used along with an edible treat. We have also included ranges of natural treat and chew products, some of them 100% natural with meat or fish and some full of vegetables and fruit to offer diet choice. Our own puppy, Nellie loved to chew logs from our log store so we have even sourced products just for her, she loves the wild antlers and the chewroots, both eco-friendly – great for us and the environment. Check her out on our social media pages – we call her our Star Barker as her name is Nellie Berry as when she was younger she loved to watch the Great British Bake Off.

If you have a dog that gets bored easily the best thing you can do is subscribe to our monthly Wet Nose Dog Box – delivered to your door each month it is full of the latest treats, chews and a new toy to keep them entertained. We even include a little treat for the dog walker because we all deserve to be rewarded for good behaviour.