Having a reliable and effective recall for your dog is an essential best behaviour. It is so important to recall train early, in the puppy stage if possible, we started by using a CLIX long-line so that they don’t run off. Our training tips are recall your dog ‘excitedly’ on your long-line, on return use your CLIX multi-clicker and give them a click and immediately reward with a small tasty treat (bland ones just won’t do) – you will need lots of them as practice makes perfect.

Start training in an area where there are no distractions like your garden to gain your dog’s focus. Using your CLIX multi-clicker at every return and an immediate treat will create the repetition of the recall you want. At the end of your short training session have a fun session with your dog using a favourite fetch toy – we have plenty to choose from if you are looking for something new. Do this off your long-line having fetch fun throwing your toy and recalling them to you. Our dogs love the Beco Balls that whistle as they fly. Check out our social media pages to see our Doggy Directors in action.