When dogs are left alone for any period of time they can get bored and start to entertain themselves and as dog owner’s ourselves we know only too well what this can lead to – our puppy used to love to chew and dig holes too. It is always important to try and recognise when a dog’s behaviour is down to boredom. Have we spent enough time with them? Have we exercised them adequately? Have we provided interesting and mentally stimulating fun stuff for them?

Here at The Wet Nose Dog Limited we believe that all dogs deserve to lead well behaved, healthy and happy lives and we and our Doggy Directors have selected a range of products to help bust that boredom factor – some products can be used to encourage your dog to chew the correct things, some products encourage your dog to play alone with a toy and other products need some one on one parent dog time. We have included products that are eco-friendly, ethically sourced and natural, products which are just great fun and we haven’t forgotten about our vegan dog friends too 😊. Because we truly believe that every dog is special and unique and we want to help you find the products that work time and time again for your own wet nose dog.

To find out more about us please contact us, we love hearing from you – pick up the phone, drop us an email or check out our social media pages to see our Doggy Directors in action with the products we sell and love.