Skin conditions can be a common challenge with dogs and symptoms can range from inflamed or broken skin, itching and licking to scurfy and flaky skin. A skin issue can be caused by both internal and external causes too which can make it more difficult to treat. Use the same principles you would with a family member who had a similar problem – is it their bedding or where they sleep? Is it your grooming regime or the product you are using? Is it what you are feeding them or giving to them as treats? Would they benefit from licensed herbal medicine or a supplement to provide a solution?

Wellbeing is the holistic health of your dog and we want to help you ensure that they have the very best products for each individual stage of their lives. As a dog owners ourselves, we know how important and hard it is to find innovative, quality products, but which also offer an added value or benefit. Our dogs are part of the family and the same standards apply to products for our dogs as they do to products for ourselves.

Whether it’s an organic shampoo to tackle fleas or allergies, a new food product that is hypoallergenic and full of natural, nutritious ingredients and no ‘nasties’ or a licensed herbal medicine or supplement to tackle the condition – we can help come up with a plan of action for your dog.

Always remember that if you are worried in any way about your dog to seek professional advice from your own veterinary surgeon or a qualified animal behaviourist.