Here at The Wet Nose Dog Limited we believe that all dogs deserve to be super happy – in fact all dogs deserve to be wet nose dogs who love life. However, as dog owners ourselves we know that sometimes, our dogs hand us challenges that are difficult to witness and address. It is upsetting for everyone when a dog suffers with anxiety and stress which can be due to a number of reasons. It is an area that is close to our hearts as one of our own Doggy Directors suffers with separation anxiety and it has become our own mutt mission to uncover a range of solutions to tackle the issue. The range of products we have selected offer help for either short term or long term anxiety challenges.

Every instance will be different and the solution can often be a combination of things – the key is to keep trying until you find the right one for your own dog.

Always remember that if you are worried in any way about your dog to seek professional advice from your own veterinary surgeon or a qualified animal behaviourist.