Dogs that pull on their lead is the single biggest dog owner issue in the world. As we all have such busy lives we don’t always have time to train our dogs in ‘loose lead’ walking and not to pull – although this is the best long term solution. Thankfully, help is at hand with non-pulling collars and harnesses that help in correcting this behaviour.

Here at The Wet Nose Dog Limited we found that when we started walking our young dogs that pulling was a problem. It was stressful and not enjoyable for us and our dogs and we were worried that our dogs may be injured. We are big believers in spending time training our dogs but in the short term and to help us correct the issue we have used headcollars and non-pull harnesses – both work quickly and with success. It then allowed us to move, after time, to loose short lead walking.

Our top tips for when you get started:

– Take your time when you first start using your chosen product so that you and your dog can get used to it
– Be consistent on every walk and take lots of smelly and tasty treats – has your dog tried our kangaroo pure treats yet
– Walk somewhere with no distractions
– Do short 10 minutes’ walks, 2-3 times a day if you can rather than one big walk

We have selected products that we have used for our own dogs and others that we wish we had known about so that we could have used them.

Good luck and we love hearing from you so if you know about any great products that has helped your dog then let us know – it’s great to share and even better to care.