We have always said you are what you eat, it is so important to us so why not for our dogs too. When we were searching for the best quality & value food for our dogs we became very confused by all the terminology companies use to promote their products. For example, we wanted a ‘fresh’ meat or fish product and we even discovered the term “freshly prepared” on the pack did not guarantee it was fresh meat or fish. How confusing is that?

After lengthy research, discussion & meeting with dog food manufacturers in looking for a fresh, natural & nutritious range of foods we found one. The Edgard & Cooper range of wet food & slow baked kibbles offer a fabulous choice of ingredients to choose from, along with product options that are organic, grain, gluten and soya free, low in calories, and all of them with no artificial colours and flavours. The range has something for every dog regardless of their age – we have something for sensitive puppy tums, growing adults and recipes specially designed for your senior dog. If you have a teeny tiny dog then the specially formulated cups are just the perfect size or if you have a great big dog then check out the large kibble bags.

The mix and range of ingredient choice of wet and kibble foods allows us to vary our dog’s meals and provide ingredients that are hypoallergenic, great for healthy joints, gums and teeth, shiny coats and healthy skin. With no nasty added fillers instead lots of vegetables, fruit, herbs and vitamins and minerals we know we have found a special product.

Take a look at our shiny wet nose dog Willow she eats fresh salmon and trout kibble and wet chicken and turkey she really enjoys her 2 meals a day.