All dogs love to chew and the challenge for all dog owners is helping them to understand what is acceptable to chew and keeping them occupied and busy.
We aim to provide a range of items which you can pick and choose from to give your dog’s enough variety and taste to prevent boredom. The products range from toys which your dogs will love to chew, some are flavoured already and some can be used along with an edible treat. We have also included natural, healthy chew products as we are great believers in providing stuff that is not only good fun but also good for our dogs and the environment too.

If you have a dog that likes to be entertained then select one of our Wet Nose Dog Box – delivered to your door each month it is full of the latest treats, chews and a new toy to keep them busy. We even include a little treat for the dog walker because we all deserve to be rewarded for good behaviour.

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