Here at The Wet Nose Dog Limited we believe that all dogs deserve to be well behaved, in tip top health and above all super happy – in fact all dogs deserve to be wet nose dogs who love life. If you want your puppy to grow to be a wet nose dog start early with a natural, wholesome and healthy diet. Ensure that it contains the right mix of fresh protein, carbohydrate, fats, oils, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Our food products are gluten and grain free too and contain natural prebiotics just perfect for sensitive little tummies. Always read the feeding instructions and measure the appropriate meal for your puppy – no-one wants a porky pooch. We have chosen not to stock a wide range of food product lines. We wanted to be selective and only stock the ones that we have tried ourselves, that we believe to be special and that we can recommend for individual strengths. Check out our social media pages to see our puppy Doggy Directors enjoying their dinnertime.