It is an incredibly exciting time when you make the decision to get a puppy to add to your family. However, it can sometimes be quite daunting knowing where to start and what to buy. As dog owners ourselves, we have been there on many occasions and therefore we want you to rely on us as your own personal puppy adviser and shopper.

We have selected products that we have used for our own puppies and others that we wish we had known about so that we could have used them. Whether it is a complete bundle of items with a crate to get you started properly from day one or a gift box for your child to give to your new puppy – we can help you select the perfect items to help your new family addition settle in to their new home.

We love hearing from you and we are very friendly just like your own four legged best friends (although we don’t offer sloppy licks on the face for free) so pick up the phone, drop us an email or talk to us on social media.