Here at Wet Nose Dog Training we believe that all dogs deserve to be well behaved, in tip top health & above all super happy – in fact all dogs deserve to be wet nose dogs who love life.

As a busy family with dogs ourselves, we know how hard it can be to train your puppy or dog. Training needs to be fun, full of short sessions & rewarding for your dog. Rewarding your dog as a “well done” can be through a high value food treat (we find the smellier the better) or by using a favourite toy. Be patient & persevere with your training – every dog is unique & it will work it just takes time & effort.

There are lots of products available that can help with training your dog. We stock products that can help with recall of your dog, helping to stop pulling on a lead & dog enrichment toys for stimulation & to prevent boredom.

We are a small & independent business & we strive to be different by continually going the extra mile for our customers. If you are unsure of what will help or need any advice with dog training then we want to hear from you – pick up the phone, drop us an email or talk to us on social media. Let us find the best solutions for you & your dog.