If your dog likes to pull on its walks, it is well worth looking at a harness as a preferred and more comfortable option. Dogs pulling on the lead is the single biggest dog owner challenge in the world – so you are not on your own. The reason why they pull is simple, they can walk much quicker that we can. Fitting them with a comfortable harness instantly takes pressure from your dog’s neck. Allowing them to continue to pull on walks can result in damage to their necks and potentially injury to your own arms and shoulders.

We aim to provide a range of harnesses for different challenges and different dog sizes. We won’t stock the most product lines but the ones that we do stock will be special and will all be recommended for their individual strengths. We want you to rely on us as your own personal dog adviser and shopper.

Here at The Wet Nose Dog Limited, training in best behaviour is one of our key values and we have used non-pull and walking harnesses on all our dogs to reduce and stop pulling whilst on our walks.