Buffalo Mini Bites Treats

Buffalo Mini Bites Treats


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4 in stock


About Me

Buffalo Mini Bite Treats are a 100% natural treat made from buffalo meat. Buffalo meat is leaner, lower in cholesterol and higher in protein than traditional beef. It also has a higher concentration of iron and essential fatty acids. Buffalo is a unique source of protein for most dogs which makes it a perfect choice for dogs that suffer with food allergies & intolerances.

You & your dog will love these treats which are packed full of goodness & taste super yummy too. The buffalo mini bite treats contain no artificial flavours, preservatives & are gluten free.

Why We Love It

  • 100% natural ingredients with no nasty additives
  • No added sweeteners or additives
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Single & novel ingredient perfect for dogs with allergies or food intolerances
  • Super high in protein
  • Low in cholesterol – perfect for older dogs who are prone to weight gain
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable from 6 months old

Size Guide

Pack size 75g


98% Buffalo meat, Apple Raw Fibre 1.5%, Sea Salt Allergen Free 0.5%

Protein 52.6%, fat 29.4%, water 5.9%, ash 6.8%, crude fibre 2.9%

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