Dorwest Digestive Tablets

Dorwest Digestive Tablets

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About Me

Dorwest Digestive Tablets are brilliant in supporting  the whole digestive system of your dog  & keeping it in great health. If your dog suffers with a noisy, gurgling tummy, wind & flatulence then they will greatly benefit from this natural herbal supplement. The Digestive Tablets will help to settle & calm your dog & make them much more comfortable.

The tablets contain a blend of calming herbs including peppermint, ginger & valerian which all help with digestion. Slippery elm is also added to soothe and comfort.

Do not give to animals under the age of 8 weeks. Always read the label.

Why We Love It

  • Supports digestive system & keeps it healthy
  • Can be used to settle digestion before an event or before travelling if your dog suffers with motion sickness
  • Contains ginger which has anti- sickness properties, boosts digestion & improves the absorption of food
  • Contains peppermint oil which acts by relaxing & calming the digestive system
  • Can be used alongside any other medication & for both short & long term conditions
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Can be used during pregnancy and lactation

Size Guide

Size – 100 tablets

How To Use Me

  • The treatment dose is one tablet per 10kg bodyweight after meals or two hours before travelling


  • Ginger 30mg, Slippery Elm Bark 10mg, Rhubarb 20mg, Valerian Root 20mg, Peppermint Oil 0.2mg

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