Lickimat Wobble

Lickimat Wobble


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3 in stock


About Me

The Lickimat Wobble is a fun enrichment dog toy that is bowl shaped with an uneven surface on the inside. Spread your dogs favourite treat over the uneven surface to create a fun game for your dog with them licking and finding everything tasty. Repetitive licking is soothing and calming for your dog and the unique wobble design of the Lickimat will keep your dog entertained and free from boredom. Only a small amount of dog food or treat is needed to keep them busy.

The Lickimat Wobble is perfect to use to calm or distract your dog during times of stress like a visit to the vets or during fireworks or a storm. The licking helps to clean your dogs tongue for fresher breath and stimulates saliva production which aids digestion.

The Lickimat can also be popped in the freezer to make it last even longer.

Why We Love It

  • Ideal for dogs that get bored easily
  • The repetitive licking action releases a calming hormone
  • No over feeding as a small amount of food goes a long way so perfect for weight watching dogs
  • Perfect to pop in to the freezer to make it a longer lasting
  • Easy to clean – just pop in the dishwasher, top shelf only

Size Guide

Approx. 16.5cm x 8cm

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