Non-Pull Harness

Non-Pull Harness

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`About Me

The Non-Pull Harness is perfect for small & medium sized dogs. It is very easy to use with instant results.

It is very easy to fit, quick to put on and adjust, wearing this harness evenly distributes the dogs pull making it safer for your dog and more comfortable for you.

The elastic mesh and webbed front that covers your dog’s chest stretches with their movement and this creates excellent comfort for your dog and puts you in full control of your walk.

It is also made with fabric Sherpa sleeves that provide extra comfort and eliminates rubbing from the chest and around the front leg area.

This non-pull harness design uses the “squeeze & lift” concept that tightens on the dog when they pull on the lead. This method ultimately deters the dog from pulling, correcting them to adopt a normal controlled walking position.

Why We Love it

  • Instant results for non-pulling and ideal for dogs that cannot wear a head collar
  • Very quick and easy to fit
  • A patented chest mesh design that allows your dog unrestricted movement
  • Fitted with padded sleeves for comfort and prevent rubbing
  • Sliding security cord prevents over tightening on your dog whilst walking
  • Works very well with the Halti training lead

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes

  • Small = 20-30cm
  • Medium= 30-43cm
  • Large= 43-60cm

Easy to identify what size you need for your dog, simply place the measuring tape snug around the base of your dogs neck where the collar would normally sit

How To Use Me

Use daily to practice your technique with your puppy or dog

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