Pure Salmon Pate for Dogs

Pure Salmon Pate for Dogs


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About Me

Pure Salmon Pate for dogs is made from 100% fresh salmon. Gluten & grain free with no additives or colourants. A perfect soft treat to use to fill enrichment toys to keep your dog entertained for hours or as a healthy food topper for fussy eaters. The pate is also firm enough to allow you to cut into small pieces to use as training treats. A great treat to use to hide medicine & tablets inside.

Why We Love It

  • Single source protein made from 100% human grade salmon
  • Gluten & grain free
  • Soft enough to squeeze into toys
  • Firm enough to chop into training treats or hide things inside
  • Suitable for puppies

Size Guide

Pack size – 80g


Ingredients: 100% Salmon

Analysis: Protein 13.9%, Fat 15.5%, Moisture 61.8%, Ash 0.9%, Fibre 0.5%

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