Help for Tilly – Itchy Scratchy Springador!

Help for Tilly – Itchy Scratchy Springador!

Skin problems are common in all dogs and can increase during the summer months. Look for symptoms of excessive licking,  itching and nibbling. Check their skin and coat regularly for scurfy dry skin, inflamed red areas, hair loss or blistered broken skin.

We were contacted at the beginning of July by Matt and Amanda about their dog Tilly. She was suffering with a nasty skin problem. Matt explained “Tilly has had problems with skin sores on her ears for over a year now. I have tried every remedy under the sun with no result. We have been to the vets for treatments. She has also been treated her for mites and fleas but we are still having problems. She just sits and itches continually. She has scratched her ears so much that they are red raw which means she has had a buster collar on since Christmas”.

Tilly is a 3 year old Springador who loves walks, swimming and chasing her best friend Percy. After several conversations with Matt and Amanda we came up with a plan to help and treat Tilly’s problem. Our plan was as follows:

  • Weekly wash of Tilly’s bedding. Keep her bed away from the radiator and definitely no sleeping on Mum and Dad’s bed!
  • Regular grooming and brushing. Remove loose hair and any dead skin and debris from her coat
  • A change in diet to a natural grain and gluten free food with no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings. Ensure treats have no additives or artificial colourings too
  • A herbal medicine and supplement fed daily via tablets to treat Tilly’s condition. By using the whole plant in a medicine she obtains the benefit of many thousands of natural chemicals working in a synergistic and holistic way. We gave Tilly both Mixed Vegetable tablets and Garlic and Fenugreek tablets on a daily basis for over 4 weeks. Garlic and Fenugreek tablets are one of our best selling medicines containing natural antihistamine, anti inflammatory compounds and antimicrobials. They help to reduce irritation and clear up skin infections. Mixed Vegetable tablets contain 5 potent herbs that help relieve skin itchiness and remove toxins from Tilly’s system for ongoing relief and management of her problem.

21 days later Matt and Amanda reported “real progress” and sent us photographs of Tilly’s ears slowly beginning to heal. This was followed with more good news at the start of August that Tilly had gone for three days with no buster collar. In fact new fur is now growing on those original awful sore patches. What fantastic news for Tilly and Mum and Dad too!

Check out these products on our site  and find them in the section …. or email us with any issues you may have with skin itching ,skin sores and your dogs coat condition to see if we can come up with a skin remedy for your dog.

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