Let the Adventure Begin …………..

Let the Adventure Begin …………..

And in the beginning was a puppy……….

A puppy named Willow. A small handful of black fluff to start with but as the weeks went by she grew into a bundle of endless energy. And with that energy came a cute, curious and incredibly mischievous mutt. There were times when it was challenging and we maybe thought we had made a mistake in buying her. I am sure that we are not alone in those thoughts. As the months passed by and we all settled into a routine, life became good. Unconditional love every single day. A welcome like no other when you get home from work.  Cuddles and hugs regardless of mood. A best pal to talk too who always agrees with your version of events. What a perfect friend and companion. It is a friendship that you never want to end.

And so along came Nellie – Black Labrador number 2. She is so incredibly different from Willow. Willow is graceful and elegant with shiny beautiful fur. Nellie is full on bounce and rascal with rough, curly fur- more like Scrappy Doo. We love them both in very different ways and owning them has changed our lives.

We all seem healthier and happier as a consequence of having dogs in our family and it became increasingly important to us to ensure that they were in tip top health and content too. That they would lead long and super happy lives along with us. So we spent time reading and researching about the life of dogs and became increasingly frustrated by information and labelling on dog food and treats. Tracking down dog foods and treats that were all healthy, natural or raw became part of our weekend ritual. We looked for toys that were hard wearing, interesting and eco friendly to provide stimulation and fun for our dogs. We spent time on positive training and behaviour.

As time went by we began to think that we could share our knowledge and tried and tested products with friends and family or even wider still. That maybe we had an idea that we could turn into a business that we would love and that in time others would love too. And at the centre of that love would be our wet nose dogs.

And so the adventure begins………….



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