Puppy Training

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Do you have a new puppy in your life? Not quite sure how to tackle training them & their behaviour?

If the answer is a YES then book yourself on to our puppy life skills course of lessons, as starting out with the very best life skills is the key to a happy, healthy & well behaved adult dog.

Puppy Life Skills Course

This will be 5 lessons, each of 1 hour, covering a number of obedience behaviours with you & your puppy. Each lesson will lead to an action plan & follows up for your & your puppy to practice & work on. The course will cover the following where needed:

  • Sit & stay
  • Chewing, mouthing & nipping
  • Recall to name
  • Stop jumping
  • Boredom & enrichment
  • Sleeping & toilet
  • Leave it
  • Walking on the lead
  • Socialisation

Puppy Specific Behaviours Lessons

If you feel that your puppy has already developed a specific behaviour challenge we can tailor a focussed programme just for you & your puppy on this issue. Each lesson will normally last one hour.

What Next

So if this sounds like you & your puppy then pick up the phone, drop us an email or talk to us on social media. We want to help you & your puppy build a happy, healthy & long lasting relationship. The total cost of the 5 lessons is £175.00
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