Specific Training Needs

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Many clients use us for specific behaviour issues & one to one work is perfect for this. We can tailor a single or a number of lessons to help correct behaviours. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour & costs £35.00.

What happens during our training lessons:

  • An initial assessment will be completed to diagnose the problem
  • We will then work through the issue teaching you & your dog instructions of how, when & what to do
  • We only use praise & reward techniques
  • You will have follow up work afterwards to practice regularly what you have learnt over the lesson

So do you & your dog have problems with:

Lets teach you through positive reward the move from sit to stay to wait.
Lets teach you the art of loose lead walking. It takes time, but you will learn all you need to walk your dog nicely on the lead.
Reliable recall is great fun to teach for you & your dog. Developing the best reward for a rapid return.
Whether at home or outside this bad behaviour needs to be stopped. Lets work on a great way to prevent this behaviour. It is important that everyone follows the rules!
Good manners when out on walks is critical for your safety & your dogs. The dogs focus on you is key in starting to stay close at all times.
Rushing at the door, jumping on furniture, boredom & chewing things. We can work on some key changes to help you & your dog.

What Next

So if your dog has any of these traits, then pick up the phone, drop us an email or talk to us on social media. We want to help you & your dog build a happy, healthy & long lasting relationship. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour & costs £35.00
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